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Cardboard Layer Pads or Plastic Layer Pads?

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How cardboard layer pads play an important part in packaging In a previous post, we looked at how cardboard layer pads are the demigod of the packaging world. We looked at how lightweight and flexible they are. Alongside our cardboard layer pads, there is another kid on the block: Corriboard.

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Much Ado About Layer Pads

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Where would we be without cardboard layer pads? Cardboard layer pads are the unsung heroes of the cardboard manufacturing industry. They come into their own for palletised loads, especially the storage of bagged wares. Instead of wooden shelving, they offer a lightweight yet robust solution for stacking products on top of each other. Take for […]

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Why Use Sheeted Board?

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How sheeted board is a must for packaging Sheeted board is an inexpensive and biodegradable form of packaging material. It is lightweight, easy to recycle, and has a wealth of uses. Among its uses include slip sheets and layer pads. As slip sheets, they can be made of heavy laminated kraft paperboard and corrugated fibreboard.

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