Teatime on a Table from Cardboard Tubes

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How a glass topped table made from cardboard tubes could be a useful coffee table

Cardboard Tubes Table

For a Netflix and chill or your favourite caffeinated beverage, this attractive table made from cardboard tubes could grace any living room, common room, or reception area.

Of the simplest of pleasures in this technologically inclined age, there is nothing more fulfilling than a brew. It gives us some balance at work, or it’s the first thing you do on arrival at the hotel after checking in. Whether you choose to have builders’ tea, Earl Grey or Camomile tea, we can relax in front of our favourite television programmes or do something less boring instead. Less boring than your typical coffee table is this one (seen above) which is made from cardboard tubes.

The above table is designed in a way which ensures stability whilst remaining faithful to its green credentials. It was designed by the Revive Workshop in 2010 as The Cardboard 307 Table. The number 307 refers to the amount of cardboard tubes that were used in its construction. The tallest cardboard tubes make up the table ‘legs’.

The shortest tubes are next to one of the sides, gradually rising in height to the other side. As well as making for a neat, decorative effect, this helps to support the legs properly. A knock-on effect of this feature is it makes for a good magazine rack. Your latest copy of Take a Break/The New Statesman/The Beano/the Manchester Evening News (delete as appropriate) would fit snugly underneath the glass top. Some of the cardboard tubes could be used for storing pens and pencils or the odd remote control.

The glass top is robust enough to take any bowl or mug. To avoid scratching the glass, some place mats and coasters wouldn’t go amiss. It is good enough for several brews or several views of your favourite film or television programme. We think the transition from loo rolls to brew roles is a good one.

Would we buy one of these tables that are made from cardboard tubes? Possibly. They would go well with the bench. Sadly, the designers, Revive Workshop, seem to have disbanded. A visit to their site leads us to a ‘Not Found’ page, so the domain name and hosting has not been renewed.

Romiley Board Mill, 09 March 2017.

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