Where There’s Cardboard Tubes, There’s Brass

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Cardboard tubes as a solid investment? Really?

Cardboard tubes picture by Worawat Suwanwalaikorn.

Could there be gold in then thar rolls? According to This Is Money‘s article, there could be brass from bog rolls. Image by Worawat Suwanwalaikorn (via Shutterstock).

In an age where mobile phones are changed more often than football strips or underwear, many of us take for granted the other stuff we throw out. For instance, jam jars or the cardboard tubes in kitchen rolls or toilet tissues. Instead of chucking out our used packaging, some of us are turning to sites like eBay and Preloved. The reason why? Their use in handicrafts and resale value.

In an era where interest rates have been low for several years, you could be forgiven for thinking that cardboard tubes is a sound investment! Strictly speaking, £6.00 for 60 used toilet tissue tubes is hardly going to turn you into a millionaire. On the other hand, saving your cardboard tubes – so long as they are in tip-top condition – is a novel approach to avoiding overflowing bins at collection time. As well as craft projects, they are great for gardeners with training seedlings.

Not only cardboard tubes

Other disposable and recyclable items that are being sold on eBay include jam jars and milk bottle lids. Reused jam jars, most obviously, are a godsend for jam makers. Milk bottle lids are useful for craft projects, as are used ring pulls. Used corks are also good for wine makers and home brewing.

How much for each item?

All details correct at the time of press. Source: eBay.co.uk, 14 February 2017.

  • Toilet Roll Tubes (58): £2.99;
  • Kitchen Roll Tubes (45): £6.00;
  • Jam Jars (23): £17.60;
  • Milk Bottle Lids (100): £9.99;
  • Wine Bottle Corks (30) £3.99;
  • Prosecco and Champagne Corks (100): £14.95;
  • Can Ring Pulls (200): £2.50;
  • Glass dessert ramekins dishes (8): £3.99;
  • Used silver clothes hangers (50): £7.90;
  • Coffee Tins (10): £2.99.

Would you offload your used cardboard tubes for a few bob? Feel free to comment.

Romiley Board Mill, 14 February 2017.

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