Turn Your IKEA Boxes to Cardboard Shelves

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Video: how to reuse the Billy bookcase packaging as cardboard shelves

IKEA customer shelves image by Lightpoet (via Shutterstock).

IKEA Manchester or Warrington could be the source of your next set of shelves. Even cardboard ones from the box your Billy bookcase came in as well. Image by Lightpoet (via Shutterstock).

Turning the box your bookcase came inside into cardboard shelves? Why didn’t we think of that one before? In this YouTube clip, we see how IKEA boxes are transformed into shelving space.

Other furniture stores’ packaging can also be used. Using a Billy bookcase box to build extra shelving is a bit of a cause célèbre. Why stop at shelves? In this second clip we see a set of drawers being made with cardboard.

On a grandiose scale, our third clip shows you how recycled cardboard could be part of a more extensive shelving system. What is amazing is how they have only spent $36 on this project.

Romiley Board Mill, 12 February 2017.

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