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How Cardboard is Used for an Extra Classroom

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Why a primary school in Westcliff-on-Sea has a cardboard classroom block Your schooldays, they say, are the happiest days of your life. For some, eleven or twelve nightmarish years where the mere mention of Harrytown or Werneth sends shivers down your spine. Especially when you catch the 383 or 384 to Romiley or Stockport (which […]

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Infographic: A Look at Postal Tubes

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Why we at Romiley Board Mill think postal tubes are the best thing since… the Royal Mail Since Sir Rowland Hill brought us the Uniform Penny Post in 1840, shipping our worldly goods have increased in complexity. Today’s mail is sorted in vast sorting offices with a network of delivery offices and Post Offices. It […]

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A Bench from Cardboard Tubes

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Forget ugly plastic garden seating, cardboard tubes are the in-thing for this summer Today (not that you would have known given yesterday’s weather) is the first day of Spring. St. David’s Day. Also Ash Wednesday. It is that time of the year when our thoughts turn to lighter nights and barbecues. It’s nearly that time […]

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Cardboard Craft Works: Three Detailed Models

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A compendium of cardboard craft works powered by cardboard tubes, bricks and… shale In our previous piece, we looked at the fact you could buy 200 cardboard rolls from eBay. This post has inspired us enough to look at some more fascinating uses of cardboard packaging. Such as the repurposing of cardboard rolls for massive […]

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