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Cardboard Synth Drums: Coming Soon

19/12/2016 by in category Products

Obilab’s next project will see the arrival of cardboard synth drums – and a fun size cardboard drum kit If you remember our previous article on the cardboard drum kit, Obilab are about to go one better. Their next move will be the world’s first set of cardboard synth drums. In the development stages, its […]

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Much Ado About Layer Pads

01/11/2016 by in category Products tagged as , , , , , , ,

Where would we be without cardboard layer pads? Cardboard layer pads are the unsung heroes of the cardboard manufacturing industry. They come into their own for palletised loads, especially the storage of bagged wares. Instead of wooden shelving, they offer a lightweight yet robust solution for stacking products on top of each other. Take for […]

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Cardboard Packaging and Its Uses

12/10/2016 by in category Products tagged as , , , , , ,

The myriad uses of cardboard packaging, explained in an easy-to-follow infographic There are many different types of cardboard packaging produced and supplied by Romiley Board Mill. We supply a range of quality, durable products which are used by many different industries and are produced to fit the customer’s bespoke requirements.

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A Cardboard Tube Fighting League of Nations?

07/10/2016 by in category Products tagged as , , , , , , , , ,

Never mind the World Cup qualifiers, you would rather be out ‘duelling’ with a cardboard tube We blame Star Wars. If it wasn’t for any of the lightsabre scenes in George Lucas’ monster franchise, we wouldn’t have thought twice about this at all. As well as keeping our tinfoil or toilet tissue in place, cardboard […]

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The Cardboard Tube on YouTube

22/09/2016 by in category Products tagged as , , , , , , , ,

A selection of cardboard tube clips in camera The production of cardboard tubing is a fascinating process. Though a bog-standard written blog post would explain the process pretty well, we think moving image captures the process better. Seen below is a cheap and cheerful compendium of cardboard tubes manufacturing clips.

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Why Cardboard Edge Protection Matters

05/07/2016 by in category Products tagged as , , , ,

Romiley Board Mill on the merits of cardboard edge protection As we know ourselves, cardboard is a very strong yet lightweight material.  Its rising popularity coincided with the 1950s consumer boom.  Since then, it has been used for packaging consumer goods, alongside polystyrene and plastic bags.  Sometimes, cardboard on its own can be too weak […]

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The Wonder of Cardboard Tubes

21/06/2016 by in category Products tagged as , , , ,

How cardboard tubes are a Godsend for many applications Cardboard tubes help you mail more easily. They are great for the carriage of giant posters, which would otherwise be creased in transit. They are hardwearing and they can stand up to the toughest of tasks. We at Romiley Board Mill make our own cardboard tubes. […]

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