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Tubes Will Help You Rest More Easily

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How cardboard tubes can make for good hammocks Summertime is so near yet so far away. If you have a garden, this means sunbathing on patio furniture. Or barbecues. Some of us prefer to have a hammock. Instead of loitering around Homebase on Stockport Road West, we were moved by this alternative. Rather than carting […]

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Amazing Uses for Cardboard Tubes and Cores

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Romiley Board Mill manufacture cardboard tubes and cores for a range of applications, supplied to a variety of different industries. You would be forgiven for thinking these products are just used to roll up carpets, tapes, labels, postal packaging, shrinkwrap or window blinds. If you’d thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to recycling […]

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Where There’s Cardboard Tubes, There’s Brass

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Cardboard tubes as a solid investment? Really? In an age where mobile phones are changed more often than football strips or underwear, many of us take for granted the other stuff we throw out. For instance, jam jars or the cardboard tubes in kitchen rolls or toilet tissues. Instead of chucking out our used packaging, […]

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Turn Your IKEA Boxes to Cardboard Shelves

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Video: how to reuse the Billy bookcase packaging as cardboard shelves Turning the box your bookcase came inside into cardboard shelves? Why didn’t we think of that one before? In this YouTube clip, we see how IKEA boxes are transformed into shelving space. Other furniture stores’ packaging can also be used. Using a Billy bookcase […]

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Cutting Corn with a Toilet Roll Tube

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No bundt pan? A saucepan and a toilet roll tube could suffice   Sweetcorn is one of the most awkward vegetables to cut and prepare. For many people, buying a tin of sweetcorn chunks or eating corn-on-the-cob is an easier way. To cut corn you need a bundt pan, which is also used for baking […]

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Coffee Cup Recycling: A Capital Gain

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City of London Corporation’s boost for coffee cup recycling Since the arrival of American-style coffee shops, recycling disposable coffee cups has been a headache. Apart from the littering, recycling the average takeaway coffee cup is labour intensive. They use cardboard and plastic film and separating the two materials makes recycling difficult.

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Cardboard Tube Chaos Results in Bum Deal

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Change of cardboard tube size sees Tesco customers short changed on own brand toilet tissue We at Romiley Board Mill have come across some strange stories in our time. Even the high-powered world of cardboard tube manufacturing isn’t free from controversy. In the Daily Mirror, it stated how eagle eyed Tesco shoppers noticed they were […]

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Cardboard Layer Pads or Plastic Layer Pads?

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How cardboard layer pads play an important part in packaging In a previous post, we looked at how cardboard layer pads are the demigod of the packaging world. We looked at how lightweight and flexible they are. Alongside our cardboard layer pads, there is another kid on the block: Corriboard.

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The Crazy Uses of a Cardboard Cutout

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Thinking outside of the box: the less mundane uses of a cardboard cutout In many instances, the cardboard cutout is used as a point of sale device. For example, to advertise the latest film (a cardboard James Bond could be used to advertise the next instalment of its franchise). Or to sell books, magazines and […]

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A Christmas Wrapping Recycling Test

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Recycling your wrapping paper and cardboard boxes after Christmas Well, there goes Christmas 2016. This year’s Christmas celebrations are almost a year away. Alongside turkey and chocolates, there is one thing we have left over the most. Discarded wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. How you dispose of the wrapping paper is another question itself. Does […]

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